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NRG4LIFE Client Spotlight - Sarah

Sarah managed to lose a stone on her own but then started to lose motivation, didn’t really see any difference in her shape and didn’t have a ‘goal’ to work towards. So she starting doing online training with Adam. Find out about her journey here.

How did you hear about Adam’s online coaching?

I’ve been friends with Adam and his wife for a few years now and have followed NRG4LIFE on social media trying to get tips and saw that he had launched online coaching, so decided to give it a go!

How long have you been doing online coaching with Adam and why did you start?

I started my online coaching in June 2019 so its been roughly 6 months now.

What is your favourite exercise?

Landmine single leg RDL

What is your least favourite exercise?


How has training with Adam helped you to achieve your goals?

I originally signed up to help me with my stamina and strength for Tough Mudder, which I managed to complete in August. I’ve also reduced my body fat and my changed my body shape significantly without losing any additional weight.

What is your proudest moment?

Other than completing Tough Mudder (which I was super proud of!) it was seeing my September progress pictures and looking at how my shape and posture had changed in such a short period of time.

Do you follow a strict food plan?

Not strict! I managed to lose weight and change my eating habits before I signed up with Adam, we now focus more on my macros and he usually tells me off for not eating enough!

What is your favourite treat food?