Having gained valuable experience as a Fitness Instructor and as a regional Fitness Manager for Fitness First Health Clubs, I decided to focus my efforts on providing a quality Personal Training

service to clients in gyms and homes in and around Huddersfield. 


NRG FOR LIFE was formed in 2001 and

I worked hard to establish myself as a well known Personal Trainer in the local area.


I have written columns for the Huddersfield Examiner and have been featured in health and fitness articles in local publications.


I am now reaching an even wider audience, no matter where in the country or world they are, with my online coaching packages and fully customised app!



After 19 years of experience in the fitness industry, I have had the opportunity to hone my skills to enable me to help a broad spectrum of clients.


As the health and fitness industry has grown, it's become apparent that the industry is unfortunately awash with conflicting information on how to exercise and what and when to eat. 


My aim is to dispel all the myths surrounding fad diets and the seemingly overnight transformations on social media that promote unrealistic results. Instead, I aim to provide an unrivalled fitness experience to all - regardless of the goal, regardless of ability, injury, age or medical history.


I believe in not only helping people to achieve the 'look' they want but also help to achieve health and fitness goals that give clients energy for life!


I've been lucky that I've had the pleasure of helping new and experienced gym members, home exercisers, postnatal mums, cardiac, stroke and cancer patients, GP and Physio referrals, amateur and professional athletes and many many more! And now, hopefully, YOU!