Online training and nutrition packages 

no matter what your health and fitness goal, ability,

or budget I have an option to suit you!


option 1: Recipe Books

If you're happy with how you're exercising but want some help with your nutrition then look no further! The best nutrition plan is one you can adhere to. Tasty and easy to cook meals will help you stay on track and make adherence more likely. 


I have several recipe books available for download - each book contains 30 delicious recipes and a variety of breakfasts, lunches, dinner and snacks. Each recipe has a full macro breakdown so you know exactly what you're eating! 

Whether you're trying to improve gut health, lose body fat, increase energy or lean muscle mass, the recipe books are packed full of ideas to help you achieve your health and fitness goal.


option 3: Gym workouts Online Membership

If you're new to the gym, an experienced lifter, stuck in a rut or simply in need of structure, guidance and direction then this one is for you. 

Total body workouts built on the NRG FOR LIFE app with all the detail you need, reps, weight, tempo, rest time, levels and video demonstrations of each exercise. The app supports tracking of measurements, progress photos, logging of workouts and nutrition! You will receive 3 workouts to complete each week and to repeat for the month. 


You will also receive a menu plan with all the detail you need to achieve your goals with full macro breakdown and accompanying recipe cards with clear instructions of how to prep and cook your meals and snacks.  


option 2: Home workouts Online Membership

If you've chosen to exercise at home and have minimal kit, time and space, then this is the one for you! 

Each workout is approximately 30 mins in duration and includes, warm-up, core, total body training using 41-inch resistance bands and optional dumbbells or kettlebells, HIIT and a post stretch.

All workouts are filmed in real-time to give you the motivation, structure and teaching points to give you the best fitness experience possible!


​You will receive 8 workouts a month and are viewed via a private YouTube link so can watch and exercise to the video workouts on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or T.V. at a time that suits you and as many times as you like!

Also included is a fully detailed 30-day Meal Plan to keep you on track and accountable, every meal comes with an accompanying recipe card with macros breakdown. The plan has been designed with fat loss in mind but can be tailored to your individual needs.


option 4: Bespoke Coaching Package

Online training packages bespoke to your health and fitness goals. Once you have filled in the online assessment forms, I will build you a 6-week bespoke training and nutrition plan that will guide you through every aspect of smart, effective, safe and efficient exercise.

With the help of the fully customised NRG FOR LIFE app and My Youtube channel with an ever-expanding video library of exercises, it is now even easier to stay on track, stay motivated, and be supported every step of the way!


Together we can design programmes specifically for the equipment in your chosen gym or home setup or a combination of the two!

You will receive weekly check-ins with me to discuss progress and make any necessary tweaks to your programmes and nutrition plan and also access to my private Facebook group where we support each other with open discussion, tips and advice. 

 bespoke coaching: the details

6-week packages cost £75

Follow on packages cost £40


With each package, you will have your own profile on my fully customised NRG FOR LIFE app to:


  • Record and track your week's exercise and nutrition plans

  • See your weekly schedule, goals and complete workouts with all the detail you need, including reps/sets/rest time and video clips of all your prescribed exercises 

  • View and update your own nutrition plan by logging foods/drinks you've consumed that day

  • Communicate and check in with me, via the App's messenger facility

  • Monitor progression with tracking of measurements, body composition and progress shots

  • You will receive Nutrition/training coaching via WhatsApp/Text/E-mail/Facebook Group

  • You can even book additional one-to-one sessions with me for an even more personal experience! 

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