'I had had a poor relationship with food for many years and my weight was at an all time high of 28st. I was introduced to Adam and I've never looked back, my journey has lasted 6 years and so far I've shed over 14st. I had to start with simple walks in the countryside just to get me moving and lose the first few stone, afterwards Adam had me in the gym combining  weights and cardio to stop me getting 'saggy' skin from losing so much weight. Now health and fitness is a part of my daily routine. it sounds cliche but Adam helped to save my life'


'Just over a year ago I had hit a brick wall with my fitness and was struggling to deal with my hyper mobility, I just kept picking up injuries and was confused how to exercise for the best- so I decided to book a Personal Trainer. Enter Adam! with his amazing training sessions and nutritional guidance I've smashed through that wall and I'm now the slimmest and fittest I've ever been. I've lost 2 dress sizes and I've reduced my bodyfat percenatge subtantially and improved my posture at the same time. My hypermobility has massively improved too! With Adam's help I know I can look forward to even greater results soon!'


​'In August 2007 I had a very bad motorcycle accident, I had suffered 23 breaks in my right leg and was lucky to survive. I was told I would lose my leg but fortunately I didn't. Once I was out of hospital the hard work really began; after a total of 8 months in a wheelchair and then on crutches I joined a gym but I needed help, so moved to Total Fitness where I found Adam.  He started work on rehabilitating me. There have been tears and pain over the last 3 years but after my hip replacement 4 months ago I'm finally getting back to a normal lifestyle.  I've lost fat, gained muscle and core strength and most importantly I look forward to my sessions. If I hadn't have trained through this tough time I would have lost my self respect, my fitness and my confidence. Adam is now one of my best friends and his training ethics are second to none'


'I had been a member of the gym for a couple of years, eating what I thought was a balanced diet and had been doing a variety of studio classes regularly – I just couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I was recommended Adam by another member at the gym and I’ve never looked back. He has taught me where I was going wrong – too much cardio and not enough lean muscle to help my body burn more calories at rest. ! I never realised the value of resistance training until I started training with Adam. I love it now! He taught me that carbs are not the devil and how to incorporate them at the right times to maximise my fat loss. I’ve lost nearly 2 stone over the course of a year and changed my body shape back to how I looked before I had kids! Using the NRG4LIFE app has helped me to stay on track and Adam’s knowledge and enthusiasm are invaluable. I’d recommend him to anyone who’s not seeing results and feels confused by the conflicting advice I was reading in magazines and on social media.'


'I have used gyms for many years with varying degrees of success. As I've got older I've found it harder to keep my body fat down whilst maintaining my muscle. I've tried high reps, low reps, high carbs and low carbs and nothing seemed to work, so I decided to commit to training with Adam each week and follow his nutrition guidelines. I've now lost 10kg of fat and feel fantastic! Adam has taught me that 'quality over quantity' is best - especially now i'm not 25 anymore! I can't thank NRG4LIFE enough! Each and every workout is challenging but rewarding and I now look forward to my session which is a big turn around from where I was'


‘I had leukemia as a child and suffered a strangled shoulder as a result of a bad line that fed my chemotherapy. I've now grown up with and an abnormal shoulder that's always been weak and made me self conscious. I'd always wanted to prove that my body deformity wouldn’t hold me back in life.  I have trained with Adam for awhile now and have gained strength physically and mentally I never knew I had. I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and really start to love my body. This year I entered the Miss Swimsuit UK competition! Adam has helped me to see in myself what others see in me and to become body confident. Although I didn’t win, just standing on that stage feeling 'normal' alongside the other girls made me feel like I was on top of the world. I can't thank or recommend Adam enough’


'I have always eaten when I can as I work very long hours and often stay away from home so I needed workouts I could do in a confined space with limited time, and often where I had no access to a gym or pool.  Adam's encouragement to choose to partake in a healthier lifestyle and change habits rather than eat the occasional salad and run once a week was the key.   Adam has fully supported my activities to compliment his workouts and sessions set for me and I’m not stopping until I’m down to my target weight and target build :-)'

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'I used to snack a lot on biscuits, skip meals and eat heavy meals on an evening. Adam was really supportive and informative about eating a balanced diet. He helped me establish sustainable eating habits. He has taught me so much about resistance and interval training and how building lean muscle tissue is the real key to changing your body.  I now follow the 80%-20% rule eating a clean diet through choice, I tend to have treats on a weekend where I like to enjoy a drink or two. I  train anywhere between 3 and 5 times a week depending on commitments  with my children . I now have got the confidence to train effectively by myself, utilising Adam's training programmes.'

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