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NRG4LIFE Client Spotlight - Darren

Darren has been fit and healthy all of his life, but when he developed an arthritic hip, he started training with Adam. Find out about his journey here.

How long have you been training with Adam and why did you start?

I have trained at Total Fitness since it opened but never used a Personal Trainer before. It has always been apparent, watching the Personal Trainers, that Adam has an air of professionalism and enthusiasm which stands head and shoulders above most, if not all other fitness instructors I’ve come across over the years.

Over the last 6 years or so I have developed an arthritic hip. Considering my age, (52 at present), I believed I was too young for a replacement. This is where I decided to contact Adam.

How often do you train with him and how often independently?

I train with Adam approximately 1-2 times every 6 weeks. He sets me programs for me to train with 3 times a week by myself. Then I see him when I’m ready for a refresher and to monitor progress.

What is your favourite exercise?

The best exercises I have learned involve the use of the TRX straps to build core strength at the same time as building other parts of the body. TRX training rocks!!!!

What is your least favourite exercise?

I love to hate some of my Hip rehab exercises – they are boring in comparison to many others, but a necessary evil!

How has training with Adam helped you to achieve your goals?

Over the last 3 years he has put in place various programs to manage my hip problem at the same time as building general fitness and strength. Working closely with the excellent on site physiotherapist we have managed to control the hip pain and postpone the operation I would have had to undergo a few years ago. Overall, I can’t recommend Adam highly enough. He’s certainly a bloke I would have jumped at the chance to have on my team in the fire brigade.

Do you follow a strict food plan?

Coupled with Adam’s 8 hour on 16 hours off eating window, I am keeping the spare tyre at bay. I’ve gone from a 1 pack to 4 pack and I’m aiming for 6 before Christmas!

What is your favourite treat food?

I’ve always loved a good curry! And with Adam’s plan I still get to enjoy one every now and then