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NRG4LIFE Client Spotlight - Gavin

Gavin has tried out a few diet and exercise plans in the past with limited long term success. He wanted something he could fit in with everyday family life so started my online coaching from Newcastle! Find out how he is getting on here.

How did you hear about Adam’s online coaching?

I have known Adam for a good few years now (I was the photographer at his wedding!) But with being over 100 miles away from him, the discussion never really came up about having the use of his skills to improve my health. This all changed with one conversation during the summer, over a round of golf, about his online training!

How long have you been doing online coaching with Adam and why did you start?

After the initial chat over a cuppa in August 2019, I needed to be in the right frame of mind to implement the suggested programme and it actually took me until October to get things arranged. The main thing we discussed was my closing into 40 and the shape my body was starting to take. I was increasing the weight around my middle and didn’t have any plans to rectify this. I have done a few different weight loss ‘things’ in the past, from a peas and sweetcorn diet at home (12 years ago) with a friend including some running and then a 6-week programme at a local gym, which was lots of sessions in the gym and very much chicken and broccoli only. Coaching with Adam is very different!

What is your favourite exercise?

Banded shoulder press!

What is your least favourite exercise?

Slider body saws - does anyone actually like them?!

How has training with Adam helped you to achieve your goals?

It has totally fit around my crazy life and not taken time away from childcare or busy weekends. The food has been a challenge in the evenings with my little girl not always wanting what I am having but it’s way better than just broccoli and chicken! There are plenty of options.

I was very very regimented in the first 6 weeks and stuck to the letter of the programme, since getting used to it I have swapped out some items in meals for others in the plan (in discussion with Adam) just to fit with what’s in the fridge and reducing waste. overall the weight loss has been steady and the muscle toning obvious to myself and anyone who has seen me in the last 4 weeks since being out and about more with work. It’s still very much work in progess and not close to the end yet, I still have a bit too move from my stomach but 18.5cm gone already has to be seen as a great success!

What is your proudest moment?

Seeing my jeans go from being tight to not! And actually fitting well into a ‘S’ T-shirt again. The only down side is some of my clothes now have been stretched into funny shapes and fit on my shoulders but not on my middle. The classic, needing to iron them on a wok look.

Do you follow a strict food plan?

Yes, 1600 cals a day and have only gone over a couple of times other than cheat days and Christmas. I try and not miss out on snack etc as per the plan to make sure i’m not eating my hands at 8pm!

What is your favourite treat food?

Its weird, peanut butter is in the plan but on a cheat day I just end up craving more of it! Also cheese! I miss and crave it. but as ever, if I sit chewing on a block of cathedral city I wont progress with my goals.