Bespoke, safe and results driven training

My Personal Training sessions and programmes are designed to be your gateway to help you achieve whatever your health and fitness goal is, whether it be to promote your sense of well-being and vitality, improve your body composition, manage weight, overcome injury or illness or a sports specific goal.


A bespoke programme will improve your posture, reduce injury and heart disease risk, increase lung function, energy, mood and body confidence. The list is endless! 


Every new client starts with a one-hour consultation. You will be weighed, have your resting pulse and blood saturation measured, your body fat % and have your flexibility and strength tested. You'll have your existing nutritional habits, medical and injury  history and lifestyle analysed so you have a clear understanding of where you are starting from. 


Together we'll work through the information gathered to design you a programme including all the exercises, fitness techniques and nutritional and lifestyle advise unique to your requirements. 


Every client (with prior permission) is added to the NRG FOR LIFE app with all of your training programmes and schedules, nutrition plans, measurements  and progress shots all displayed for total ease of use and daily tracking. 

Every client's programme is reviewed and updated on a regular basis, regardless  of whether you see me weekly, fortnightly, monthly or every two months. Every client is equally important!


Cost: £40/hour