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Client Spotlight - Rachel

Rachel has come a long way in the two and a half years that I have been training her. Not your typical client, she was actually wanting and needing to up her calories and cut her exercise in order to benefit and achieve the results she wanted. Find out about her journey below...

How long have you been training with Adam and why did you start?

I have been training with Adam for about 2 ½ years. I started for a couple of reasons: I had my first triathlon coming up and I had also booked my wedding so wanted to be in the best shape of my life!

How often do you train with Adam and how often independently outside of this?

I train with Adam once a week and I train on my own another 3-4 times a week.

What is your favourite exercise?

Swimming and running (I can’t decide out of these two!) I also have horses, so that keeps me pretty fit whilst being enjoyable at the same time!

What is your least favourite exercise?

Without a doubt, Pistol Squats!

How has training with Adam helped you to achieve your goals?

Adam has made me understand my body and work on my weaknesses to improve my overall performance in sporting events. He also sorted out my diet and made me realise that carbs and fats are not the enemy - anything can be enjoyed in moderation.

What has been your ‘proud of myself’ moment in your health and fitness journey?

I have 2 proudest moments and they were in both 2018. My wedding day and completing the Butermere triathlon to finish the tri season.

Do you follow a strict food plan?

Most of the time yes but I do have cheat days and relax my diet on holidays.

What is your favourite treat food?


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