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Client Spotlight - Paul

Paul has been doing the online coaching package with Adam for 3 weeks. Find out more about his motivations and progression here!

Why did you decide to do online training with Adam?

I track Adam’s Facebook page and have been very impressed with the results of his clients. I don’t have the time or the will to attend a gym, as I have a full-time job and 2 children with very busy hobbies. I needed some direction and knowledge on what I had to do to improve my strength and flexibility for my taekwondo classes.

How long have you been doing online training with Adam?

3 weeks

How often do you do your set programmes?

3 times a week

What have you learnt about your fitness and how has it improved?

I have learnt quickly that my core is very weak and it’s the key to all of the aspects that I want to improve! My balance, flexibility and kick height have all improved already in the 3 weeks I have been training. In the past, I’d leave core exercises out as I found them pretty boring, but there are so many variations Adam knows how important it is to work the area.

What is your favourite exercise?

Hand to foot with torso twist, it makes such a difference to my kick height as it opens my hips.

What is your least favourite exercise?

Burpees... I don’t think anyone enjoys them!!!

How has the training package helped you to achieve your goals?

In August I joined an adult class at Premier Taekwondo and became quickly frustrated with my lack of flexibility and kick height. My goal was pretty simple; to improve my kick height. I wanted to be able to kick at head height. I wouldn’t say I can do it easily now, but I can certainly kick higher than 3 weeks ago! I’ve gone up a notch on the family kick dummy (Bob) which, is a huge achievement for me.

Most importantly, the online coaching package has given me the flexibility to do the workouts when I can fit them in, around a busy family life too. The whole family trains at Premier Taekwondo and my wife is also an Instructor at the Birkby, Marsden and Golcar branches, so, as you can imagine, there’s very little time to fit in travelling to and from a gym.

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