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Client Spotlight - Kelly

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Kelly has been training with Adam for the past 7 years and feels that it has impacted her life in more ways than one. Find out more about her journey.

How long have you been training with Adam and why did you start?

I’ve trained with Adam for the last 7 years. I needed some direction as I didn’t have a clue where to start! My confidence in the gym environment was non-existent.

How often do you train with Adam and how often independently outside of this?

I train once a week with Adam and another 4 times by myself.

What is your favourite exercise?

Stiff leg deadlift, as I really feel that it has helped me work on my ‘problem’ area of butt and hamstrings!

What is your least favourite exercise?

The Prowler!

How has training with Adam helped you to achieve your goals?

My goal was always to look better for an event or a holiday but now it’s just a way of life for me. Adam has helped me gain self-confidence as well as confidence in the gym environment. This has helped me to use all parts of the gym and kept me consistent. I wanted to feel strong, fit and healthy and the hard work has paid off.

What has been your ‘proud of myself’ moment in your health and fitness journey?

I am so proud that I have got the motivation now to stick to it! I know that exercise is good for my mind as well as my body and it’s had such a big impact on my life.

Do you follow a strict food plan?

I don’t stick to a strict diet plan, although I eat pretty clean 80% of the time. High protein, low carb. It’s what I enjoy doing. I keep away from processed food and refined sugar. But I love my treats now and again.

What is your favourite treat food?

My favourite treat is (too many to choose from!!!!!) a thin and crispy pizza - veggie with pepperoni and extra chilli oil and fries, or… a big fat cream cake

You can view an example of one of Kelly's workouts here!

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