• Adam

Let me help you make long-term goals and celebrate your short-term wins!

One of the main roles of a Personal Trainer is to help motivate and direct their clients down a path that will allow them to achieve their health and fitness goals. A large majority of people struggle to remain focused on their health and fitness for long periods of time when they are left to their own devices. This is perfectly normal and stems from how our brains are wired to embrace immediate reward rather than to strive for long-term gain.

Think about it… A reward that we will receive sooner is perceived as a greater one, than one that will happen further down the track. This makes sense if the reward is identical, because not having to wait for something is obviously more satisfying than having to wait for the same thing! However, with health and fitness, amongst other things, our brains still struggle to embrace the bigger picture, even if the more distant reward is greater than the one that occurs sooner. Some examples of this to put it into perspective are:

Having fish and chips now, even though it probably isn’t part of your plan or fit in with your current nutrition goals can often seem more immediately rewarding than dropping a dress size over the next two months. Or having a lie in can sometimes feel more rewarding than getting out of bed and getting down to the gym before work in a bid to get results that you may not see for a few months. This ‘lure’ of immediate short-term satisfaction is often what causes many people to get into difficulty with their exercise and nutrition adherence.

This is where I come in… having micro goals and regular check-ins with me will help you keep focused and committed to your larger, long-term goals.

Short-term goals such as not missing training sessions and sticking to a balanced nutrition plan for a full week will help keep you focused, as you can constantly work towards these. Remember that smaller goals can be consistently and regularly achieved, which allows for little wins, and celebrations!

When you train with me, your workout programs and nutrition plans will be synced to your own personal profile on the NRG4LIFE App. Accountability tracking methods and unlimited communication between us will provide the framework for success. You can upload progress shots and measurements so we can both keep track of progress and make as many alterations as is necessary to keep you on track with your goals. Using the feedback you provide by logging workouts, food logs, measurements, progress photos, and most importantly, regular communication, I will re-assess your programs and structure regularly and if you aren’t achieving the desired results, then together we figure out why and rectify any issues.

So why not take a step closer to achieving your long-term health and fitness goals and get in touch with me to see how I can help you?