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Client Spotlight - Katherine

Updated: May 19, 2019

Katherine is a busy working Mum and after having her second child, she didn't feel she was putting enough effort into 'herself' She signed up for online coaching, and I have set her specific programmes to do in the comfort of her own home, with minimal kit. Read below to see how she is getting on!

· How did you hear about Adam’s online coaching?

I've been friends with Adam's wife for a long time. I live in Leeds though, so as soon as he launched his online coaching, I knew I had to try it. Being a busy working mum, it suited me so much better as I can’t really get to a gym at the minute!

· How long have you been doing online coaching with Adam and why did you start?

8 weeks now. After having 2 kids I felt a bit out of shape and unfit. And being honest, I wasn't feeling great about how I looked. I’d not really being paying enough attention to myself and keeping fit and healthy. I was also approaching 40 and had been finding it much harder to get fitter. I just needed some help to know what was best to do!

· What is your favourite exercise?

I do like the Russian Twists and Mountain Climbers!

· What is your least favourite exercise?

The Grasshopper... at first I could not get my coordination and balance right! But more recently this has improved. It's still tough though, trying to balance on one arm! But I totally see why Adam has included it, as I can really feel the difference in my core and my improved balance that had really suffered post-pregnancy.

· How has training with Adam helped you to achieve your goals?

Doing the online programme has been great. I was given a nutritional plan to follow as I wanted to lose a little bit of weight but wanted to do it in the right way. It’s taken a bit of time but I’ve definitely lost weight and toned up. I feel much more confident in myself and how I look. Ultimately I wanted to do this for me and as the online programme makes you push yourself to do the workouts and keep track of it all. I am not only accountable to myself, but I am accountable to Adam and I make sure I log everything so we can keep track of my progress together. It really does work and I feel proud that I’ve done it!

· What has been your ‘proud of myself’ moment in your health and fitness journey so far?

It’s only been a few weeks but I’m proud that as a working mum - who struggles to find any time (by the time the kids are in bed!) and partnered with being pretty shattered – I’ve managed to exercise 3 times a week and stick to my nutritional plan. Not once have I cancelled on my own exercise session!

· Do you follow a strict food plan?

Not strict as such but I don’t eat as much fat, carbs and sugar as I used to and I've ramped up the protein. I’ve gone from at least one lot of chocolate a day to oatcakes…! I don’t have to compromise much though. I can still eat the things I like, just in moderation.

· What is your favourite treat food?

Got to be a good old chocolate fudge cake or a KFC… drools…

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