• Adam

Why use Online Fitness and Nutrition coaching?

Online fitness and nutrition coaching is a relatively new phenomenon which has really taken off, due to some very successful Trainers wanting a way to reach a wider audience and help more people with their fitness goals. With the rise of social media acting as a perfect advertising platform, Online coaching has received some bad press recently. This is due to so called online social ‘influencers’ - some of whom are in no doubt in great physical shape themselves – trying to sell online training programs or endorsing certain brands or products when they are not qualified Trainers. As a result, some people aren’t sure if it is for them or who and what they can trust. Find out more about what the benefits are, how it works and if it IS for you!

With my NRG4LIFE online programs and packages you will:

Receive bespoke workouts I don’t write generic programs. I speak to you in detail; find out your goals, aspirations, limitations and previous experience. Then I design each and every program for YOU! Even the 6-week packages: Fit for 40, Fitness 4 Mums and NRG weight management, which use set templates, are tailored to each and every individual.

I can be as flexible as you need me to be. Whether you exercise at a gym or in your own home, with limited equipment, I tailor it to you. We can even schedule what a full week of training should consist of to maximise time, effort and results. The App includes video clips of every exercise on your programs along with info like weights; reps, sets, tempo and alternative exercises, so it really is like having a virtual trainer with you every step of the way.

Know what and how much to eat

Nutrition can be really complex and confusing. There are so many different ‘diets’ out there and conflicting information. With my nutrition plans, you will have a strategy in place that allows you to achieve your goal whether it is fat loss, muscle gain or to improve gut heath. You’ll eat tasty foods, feel energised and not feel hungry. All my plans show timings, portion control and a full macros breakdown to give you all the information you need. The App also allows to you add in any ‘off plan’ food or drink items you may have to help you stay fully accountable and on track with your macros and total calories for the day.

Create better habits What you do outside of the gym and the kitchen matters. I am here to support you to build long-lasting habits that will ensure that the changes you make are sustainable and attainable. We factor in rest and recovery days, what to do if you pick up a ‘niggle’, what to do when on holiday and when to relax and enjoy a ‘cheat’ meal.

Always Be a Text/phone call/Facebook post Away You will not feel on your own. I keep in regular contact with you via the messenger function on the app and also a private Facebook Group set up just for Online Coaching clients where you can speak to other similar clients and share ideas and issues. You can ring, facetime, or text, knowing that I’m here to support you.

Benefit from affordable professional advice Regular In-person sessions with a qualified Personal Trainer can run up high costs and not everyone can afford a weekly or even a monthly face-to-face session. You may also be a member at a gym that I don’t work from, a home exerciser or at the other side of the country! With my coaching, it is affordable, yet accountable and sustainable as I offer follow on packages at a discounted rate. Online coaching gives you the ability to achieve your health and fitness goals knowing that a professional Trainer with nearly 20 years experience is supporting you.

So now that you know the benefits, read on to find out how it works…

Your workout programs and nutrition plans will be synced to your own personal profile on the NRG4LIFE App. Accountability tracking methods and unlimited communication between us will provide the framework for success. You can upload progress shots and measurements so we can both keep track of progress and make as many alterations as is necessary to keep you on track with your goals.

Do I need to be super tech savvy?

Absolutely not. All you need is a smart phone to download my customised App. It is very easy to use and has links to each and every exercise via YouTube so you can make sure you are getting your form correct.

Do I need a gym membership/certain equipment?

No. Your bespoke programs will be designed around you and your goals using the tools you have at your disposal. I have clients who workout at the gym, from home, the park, hotel rooms or a combination of all!

Is there a contract?

No. A 6-week package costs £75, once you complete this you can choose to purchase a follow on 6-week package for £50. Rome wasn’t built in a day… The follow on packages allow for continued progress and success at an affordable and sustainable cost. I’ve built my Personal Training business on core values of client retention, excellent customer service and results and I’m using the same core values for Online coaching.

How is my progress measured?

Using the feedback you provide by logging workouts, food logs, measurements, progress photos, and most importantly, regular communication, I will re-assess your programs and structure regularly and if you aren’t achieving the desired results, then together we figure out why and rectify any issues.

I travel frequently, will I still see results?

Absolutely. I have clients who spend many nights away with work and still manage to stick to the plan. As long as I know what equipment you have to work with and what your typical schedule looks like, we can plan around it. It is all about consistency and creating new habits to keep you on track and trusting the process.

How do I get started?

Contact me! Send me a text, email, insta message, Facebook message or web enquiry. Then we’ll arrange a phone call. After your initial call, your programs are typically synced to your profile on the App within 24-48 hours and you’re good to go.

What are you waiting for?!