• Adam

The importance of tracking your Workouts and Nutrition

Tracking your workouts

Whether it's about getting strong, fitter or leaner, tracking and logging your workout is an important component to the planning, organizing and understanding of your fitness and life goals. It provides a clear measurement towards completing your goals.

Tracking and logging makes you:

Set real challenges and get new motivation 

Avoid wasting time

Makes you more efficient

Stops you hitting plateaus and helps you make more progress

Tracking your nutrition

You’ll eat less! When people record what, when, and/or how much they eat, and/or their weight — they usually eat less, and lose weight as a result.

The simple act of recording your food intake, body weight, or exercise levels is more important than how precise you are or what method you use.

Dieters who lose the most weight in the short and long-term also tend to be the most diligent about self-tracking.

Your Weight Loss Goals Become Easier to Achieve

Lets say you need to lose 2 stone in 4 months. You will need to eat approximately 98,000 calories less over the 4 months.

As a dieter, that may look like an extreme, almost impossible goal. However, tracking helps make this goal far more manageable...

Using the example above, you could set a smaller goal of eating approximately 300 calories less per day, and exercising consistently enough to create a sustainable daily calorie deficit and hit the target 2 stone loss over 4 months.

Reaching these “bite-size” objective goals will allow you to go to bed every night knowing you’ll wake up the next morning one step closer to your target weight. You won’t feel overwhelmed with your larger goal, but you’ll still be on the path to achieving it.

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